What is Rewilding?


Rewilding is a form of environmental conservation and ecological restoration with species that are native to an area.

The Horse as a native species to North America is an “integral component of the Natural System,” as stated by the Bureau of Land Management’s WILD FREE-ROAMING HORSES AND BURROS ACT OF 1971 (PUBLIC LAW 92-195)

Their job as a keystone species (a species which has a disproportionately large effect on its natural environment relative to its abundance) allows them to maintain, protect and help to rebuild environmental systems, allowing other species to thrive alongside them—all working to keep nature in balance, by helping to build biodiversity.

Cana Foundation works with science-backed information to create rewilding initiatives for wild horses and environments, including with Science Advisor Dr. Ross MacPhee of the American Museum of Natural History.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why And How Does Land Regress?

Removing Native Species.
Wild Horses living on public rangelands are considered an invasive species. Although supposedly protected by the Wild Horse and Burro Act, over 70,000 horses have been inhumanely rounded up and are held in government holding centers at the taxpayer's expense.

Special interest groups are fighting for use of public lands and want horses off. They are driving and benefitting from this abuse of public lands while methane emissions from agricultural farming, oil, and fracking are contributing to desertification and “mega drought” in the Western Plains states.

Rewilding: Nature in balance and as it was created, to benefit all inhabitants. Rewilding native species is now a well-documented practice and the results are significant. Cana has funded the provision of scientific proof that the horse is native and therefore can be returned to land to help restore balance.

How Cana Is Working To Rebalance


For over a decade, CANA has worked through science-backed education to create legislation to effectuate rewilding initiatives. In addition, materials such as a children’s book series and Manda Kalimian’s upcoming biography, Born to Rewild are being developed to further public exposure and education.


Repatriation: A legislative process with BLM (Bureau of Land Management) concerning public rangelands. | In 2020, through the efforts of Congressman Steve Israel, Cana was successful in having the term ‘Rewilding’ officially added to the Interior Appropriations Budget Bill. 


Conservation Easements: A conservation easement is a voluntary, legal agreement that permanently limits the use of the land in order to protect its conservation values. Cana is leveraging favorable taxation events to acquire land that will serve the practice of rewilding.

Through these efforts, the Foundation believes that we can not only change the lives of horses across the United States, but better the environment, making for a healthier future for all.

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