Cello Comes Home | Children’s Storybook


Join celebrated children’s author, Dr. Simon Mills and Dr. Ross MacPhee, Senior Curator, Department of Mammalogy & Zoology at the American Museum of Natural History on a rewilding adventure that opens eyes and hearts. This true story follows the horse’s journey over fifty million years to a modern-day stallion named Cello who leads us to explore the science of rewilding planet Earth.

The target audience for this book:
Horse lovers, Rewilding lovers, Conservationists, and people who know the environment is precious, freedom is precious, and the Earth is a big responsibility. You will learn the true story of the horse and why they are not considered a native species to America even though this is where they are from.

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About the authors

Simon Mills is a celebrated author of children’s literature. His works include the Sir Rhymesalot series of books and many biographical works for noted public figures as ghostwriter. Simon’s work with children’s titles is focused on communicating in rhyming verse. As a professional musician, songwriter, and commercial music producer, he developed a style and voice that engages young minds with intriguing rhythm, rhyme, and meter along with exciting and emotive themes and twists.

Ross D. MacPhee Ph.D. Prior to joining the American Museum of Natural History as Curator, Division of Vertebrate Zoology-/Mammalogy in 1988, Dr. MacPhee was an Associate Professor of Anatomy in the Duke University Medical Center. He has also taught at Columbia, New York University, and several universities in Canada. Dr. MacPhee’s research interests span the evolutionary history of mammals, island biogeography, and the biology and causation of extinction. He has led or participated in more than 50 scientific expeditions in 15 countries, including both polar regions. Recent fieldwork venues include Yukon, James Ross Group (West Antarctica), and Argentina. He lives in Manhattan with wife, professional archivist, Clare Flemming. Dr. MacPhee also serves on the board of Cana Foundation and leads the science advisory board.