Corporate Rewilding Events

The Off-site that can truly transport your company.

The environment for your off-site is one of the most important ingredients for the outcomes you seek. The corporate rewilding event venue is extraordinary in a way that will drive your success. Positioned only 60 minutes from Manhattan, and only 9 minutes from the Syosset LIRR train station, this venue is far enough away from everything but close enough not to burden your team. We offer a menu of programs to choose from that simply plug in as desired. Your core agenda can be facilitated by your team or by one of our highly trained strategy execution master practitioners to ensure you get results. Outside of your core agenda, there are customizable program elements that can emphasize core themes in your agenda. The proximity to horses in the 12 stall show stable can set the scene for inspirational engagement. Drawing parallels of empathy, alignment, understanding, compassion, and growth is just the beginning, and with world-class presenters and coaches to guide your team through the benefits of rewilding, biodiversity, and natural harmony your team will expand its vision and understanding in ways you never expected or imagined. There is nothing like the corporate rewilding experience. You will be changed. You may choose to hold breakout sessions in genuine Native American tipis or even be led in a traditional ceremony by Native American leaders to expand thinking through a different lens. Nature walks, scientific exploration, and full rewilding immersion await.

Facilities include:

20 acres of nurtured rewilding grounds | Multipurpose central fenced arena with surround sound | 12 stall show stable with integrated prestige workrooms for full team sessions | Breakout meeting tipis | miles of natural walking trails | Horses/educators | Goats/goat-yoga | Bee farm/educators | Indoor and outdoor dining | Catering | Near-site accommodation.

Programs include a full and diverse menu to choose from:

Full corporate session facilitation customized to your agenda | Rewilding your organization (how horses and rewilded natural surroundings teach us hidden secrets to transformation) | Science and nature walks/programs facilitated by legendary academics | Native American ceremonial teaching to unstick your leadership and reveal powerful ways to transform | Roadmapping your future with industry leaders, and much more.

Personal Rewilding.

The practice of rewilding is about returning to a natural state. When applied to an individual it can mean many things. Freeing the mind from a lifetime of pollution, letting go of imposed time and commitment constraints, reinventing your dietary intake—all in service of regaining balance and harmony while letting go of dis-ease. Personal rewilding retreats for individuals or small groups are custom-built programs to suit your needs. Reinventing yourself is a key to sustainable happiness, wellness, and extraordinary growth.

A message from Manda Kalimian, founder and CEO of Cana Foundation, and the rewilding retreat concept.